Developing digital competences for employability

How to engage and support stakeholders and the potential role of DigComp Stakeholders´ consultation workshop


Day 1, June 19th: Debating and validating research results
The European Commission – DG Employment and Social Affairs in cooperation with the Joint Research Centre B4 Human Capital and Employment Unit -, has carried out research with the objectives to understand which policy options could, in a practical and effective way support Labour Market Intermediaries active in the digital skills assessment, up-skilling and skill matching processes for employability, and encourage the use of the DigComp as a supporting tool. The research has included an analysis on how a selection of actors (in 9 uses cases) make use of the DigComp Framework for digital competence development for employability, across the services they provide. The analysis has included: operational aspects, enabling and key success factors, the benefits brought by the framework, challenges and gaps encountered in its implementation, and a reflection on possible research and policy options to address the latter. The aim of the workshop is:
  1. To present the major findings of the project
  2. To debate key research and policy options to address the challenges identified by Labour market intermediaries and enterprises using DigComp in their (up-)skilling role in the area of digital competences
  3. To debate new avenues to support and promote stakeholders and enterprises in their (up-)skilling role in the area of digital competences
Ikanos Project: trajectory, achievements and future vision, by Ana Vitorica Presentation
Policy context. Developing digital skills for employability: Supporting stakeholders, by William O’Keefe. Presentation
Research context and workshop objectives, by Yves Punie & Clara Centeno Presentation
Research results: Mapping DigComp use for Employability, by Stefano Kluzer (Expert in digital inclusion and competence development, DCDS project, Italy) Presentation
Day 2, June 20th: Future avenues to support and engage stakeholders and enterprises
Looking at the future: the future of employment and the role of competence management at the industry. An Aernnova view, by Angel Castillo Presentation
All Digital Communities of Practice, by Achilles Kameas Presentation
Day 3, June 21th:Developing digital competences for employability: Supporting stakeholders Complementary session: Working together Agenda
The Ikanos Project of the Basque Government has been working on developing digital competences for employability for 19 years, and using DigComp framework since 2013 for assessment, training and certification purposes. Through the experience we have acquired, we believe in the value of linking to other actors working with similar objectives so as to share experiences, learn from each other and identify opportunities for co-operation with the final aim to facilitate more effective implementation processes. The 19-20th June EC Consultation workshop has been an opportunity to start this process in a complementary session to the workshop the following day, Friday 21st, 9h-13h. Objectives:
  1. To identify and validate opportunities to connect and exchange experiences.
  2. To identify and to debate key research and policy options on which to advance work.
  3. To identify partners to test experiences and tools in different context to improve them.
Digital Skills for Health Professionals, by Marisa Merino Presentation
Lifelong Learning from the perspective of Personal Learning Environments (PLEs), by Maite Goñi Presentation
Ikanos Personal Learning Envionment, by Roberto Lejarzegi Presentation