Professional Digital Profile

The ikanos Digital Professional Profile specifies the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to adequately perform the tasks that require the use of ICTs in a given occupation, using the DigComp framework.

To define a Professional Digital Profile, the digital aspects of the tasks of the occupation are identified and the specific content of the digital activities is described according to the technological solutions used, associating them to specific competences and levels of the DigComp framework.

Professional Digital Profile Features:

Competence Level

The Digital Professional Profile establishes the level and describes the competencies required in an occupation following the DigComp framework.

Dynamic Model

Professional Digital Profile must evolve as technology and new professional activities do.

Management Model

The PDP should be integrated into each organization’s people management model and be a key resource in performance evaluation.

Professional development

Career and professional development plans should include the acquisition of new digital sub-competencies that allow for progress in the occupation’s PDP.


An organization’s set of PDPs must be managed and updated as professionals progress in their skills and the technology used in the occupations evolves.


The Professional Digital Profile is specific to each occupation within each organization, depending on digital activities performed and tools used.

When a competency implies a particular knowledge or skill in a given occupation, it is highlighted and profiled with appropriate descriptors, as it involves different tasks in different occupations.

For these occupation-specific digital tasks that acquire particular relevance within a DigComp competency, Ikanos has created the concept of “sub-competency”, to emphasize their importance and reflect it adequately in the professional profile.

Sub-competencies allow to define more precisely the digital tasks of an occupation. A digital professional profile that includes sub-competencies will be more useful for personnel selection and human resources management. Sub-competencies also help to maintain the integrity of the DigComp framework and the interoperability between different competence assessment systems.

ikanos Professional Digital Profiles


General Profiles

  • Administrative
  • Vendor

Industry 4.0

  • Advanced industry maintenance technician.
  • D design technician for additive manufacturing.
  • Collaborative Robotics Technician.
  • Technician Operator for additive manufacturing.
  • Numerical Control Technician.




  • Economist in Consulting and Auditing.
  • Marketing Economist.
  • Responsible for Digital Transformation of SMEs.
  • Economist in Business Management.


  • Primary Care Doctor.
  • Primary Care Leader.
  • Health Center Administrative.