Organizational Digital Profile

The digital profile of the organization consolidates the results of individual digital profiles of the professionals of a department, a plant or the entire company into a view that allows data-based decision making. The Organizational Digital Profile of the organization helps to guide the design of the training offer or the organization of teams to face digital transformation actions.

The processing of the data obtained with the ikanos test allows each group to be segmented by different parameters: by department, by location, by age, etc. according to the type of training actions to be undertaken.

This digital profile of a collective allows organizations define objectives in digital competence profiles for key job positions in digital transformation processes and to define training plans and training pathways so that employees can achieve required Professional digitales profiles.

Organizational Digital Profile Benefits

  • Helps organizations to define objectives and digital competence profiles for different professional profiles.
  • Guides the design of training actions to face the improvement of digital competences since it allows to visualize the level of digital competence of the groups and to compare it with the objective digital profile required for the different professional profiles.
  • It allows benchmarking with other groups, centers or communities..

Group profiles are illustrated through a graphic vision that presents the average results of the users in the 21 competencies of the DigComp model, compares them with the objectives established in the Digital Professional Profile and adds a data table that details the individual results of each user..

Results segmentation: Group profiles reports can be obtained that segment the group by different parameters: by occupations, by department, by location, by age, etc. (according to the type of actions to be undertaken) facilitating the identification of people with potential to develop different functions and projects related to digital skills.

Ikanos offers companies a tool to visualize the level of digital competence of professionals and compare it with the objective digital profile required for different jobs in the company.

Online service features:

  • Creation of individual passwords for an organization’s professionals.
  • Password user access.
  • Access from mobile devices.
  • Possibility of completing the test in several sessions.
  • 4-week open access period.
  • Incident Support.
  • Organization’s Digital Profile Design.