Digital skills Self-assessment

The Ikanos digital skills self-assessment test allows a self-diagnosis of the digital skills of a user or an organization taking as a reference the European framework DigComp definition of digital skills.

Ikanos test has proven its effectiveness with more than 60,000 profiles of citizens, professionals, teachers, students, etc. issued until 2020. Upon test completion, users can download their Personal Digital Profile

Now it is also open to companies and organizations the possibility of making the making the diagnosis of the digital competences of their professionals in an organized way.
Companies are aware that they must adapt their production capacity by digitalizing their processes, applying solutions (traceability, IOT systems, cyber security, paperless, process integration, etc.) that require digitally competent people.

ikanos self-assessment test promotes reflection with multiple singularities:


Questions measure the respondent’s confidence and knowledge in important digital tasks by asking them to consider different statements that reflect different levels of competence.


By fulfilling the questionnaire, users become aware of all aspects of digital competence from a well-structured framework (DigComp).


The digital profile shows graphically the achievements and shortcomings in the various digital skills.


Encourages motivation to improve skills, providing useful information that should guide the user to seek a level of performance.


The downloadable PDF profile allows to save the results for review.


The tool is easy to understand in any context without further explanation. The items are related to common actions in digital life.


Test questions are related to the descriptors of each competence in the DigComp framework, adding examples or placing them in a reality of digital technology use, providing reliable and significant items of the three elements of a competence: knowledge, skill and attitude.


It is possible to complete the test in a time frame not exceeding 20 minutes.


Questions contain only self-assessment statements and are not based on technology scenarios (Windows, Android, etc.) or specific program or application knowledge.

ikanos test will provide you with a personalized view of your digital profile as a user of the information society.

Contact the ikanos team for a digital diagnosis of your organization.