Ikanos ePortfolio is an active instrument for the improvement of digital skills

Ikanos Portfolio is the space that will allow the individual to reflect, self-evaluate, record achievements for professional decision making.

ePortfolio is effective for learning management because it allows to show, in a global and integrated way, the evidence of acquired competences. It is also useful to enter into relationships and share interests with other learners.

A portfolio is more than just an evidence file. The portfolio is built with carefully selected objects for a purpose, attending to personal and professional objectives. A portfolio implies processes of planning, synthesis, sharing, discussion, reflection and giving, receiving and responding to feedback.

ePortfolio elements for the improvement of digital skills

Collect Digital Artifacts

Make a careful selection of artifacts to show evidence of personal and professional achievements, efforts and growth.

  • Specific skills of the main occupation
  • Transversal skills

Career planning

Space to show professional interests, areas of experience and skills achieved and to be developed.

  • Personal profile, career plan, vital and professional objectives



Planning for learning

Space for planning learning objectives and managing progress in the acquired skills.

  • Learning objectives. Evidence of learning achievements.
  • Improvement plan in specific and transversal competences.

Space for reflection and communication

Space for reflection on the process of acquiring skills and communication with peers.

  • Reflection on the lessons learned.
  • Reflection on professional performance: strengths and weaknesses.
  • Communication with mentors and trainees: participation and feedback.