Orientation Guide

This tool is specifically designed for professional orientation. The ikanos Orientation Guide is intended to help verifying the personal digital profile as the first step in a personalized orientation process, in which it is necessary to find out with the user whether the competencies that have been assessed in the questionnaire have been developed in both the personal and professional spheres.

The digital profile that the user obtains from the ikanos self-assessment test can and must be contrasted by the counsellor, both to refine the objective profile and to draw up a training pathway appropriate to the level and expectations of the person who is being guided.

The guide contains extension questions for all the competences that will allow the counsellor to get a precise idea of the fluidity of the person handling the different areas of digital competence.

These questions will allow assess the ease of response, the signs of habit, custom and the alternatives offered in the practice of each competence.